Once you get yourself into substance abuse, it does not take long to become an addict and is a slave to the drug. It could be alcohol, heroin, opium, etc. Over time, one starts to see the need to let go and receive treatment. There are many ways to reclaim your life. You can choose a drug rehab or decide to go the easy way and look for a suboxone doctor.
A suboxone clinic assists reduce symptoms of addiction by administering treatments such as Buprenorphine, a chemical in Suboxone, and that doctors give in the form of an injection.
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Suboxone Injection

It is also known as a sublocade. It is a treatment for opiate addicts. Patients take it monthly, and it is very effective.
A certified suboxone doctor should only administer the injection
Benefits of suboxone Injections
• One cannot overdose
• Impacts on the life of a patient positively and brings life to normalcy
• Reduces Health problems
• It is affordable
• The doses are not addictive since one gets weekly or monthly
• Helps in the treatment of an opioid disorder
• It is safe and saves you both money and time
• The injection saves you from stigma. People tend to see patients going to seek help and stigmatize them. With an injection, you are sure of privacy
The benefits are very encouraging. If you or your loved one are looking for a form of treatment for drug abuse, you can visit suboxone clinics in Kentucky. You can get us at either Lexington, Louisville, or Frankfort.
Suboxone Injection

Why Choose Dr Sarah Merritt

Our Clinic Restore health KY is the best suboxone clinic for alcohol and drug treatment. We have the best suboxone doctor who is Dr Sarah Merritt. The CEO and clinical director of Restore health KY led the organization to win the best of Bowie award, which focuses on quality. Dr Merritt has specialized in pain management techniques such as Injections.
After graduating from medical school, she took extra training from John Hopkins medical institute. She is well trained and is board certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine.
She is a member of the Technical Access Committee for the Maryland State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP). In addition to that, she Co-chairs the Legislative Council for Med Chi.
She is a professional suboxone doctor who believes in treating all her patients with dignity and respect.

With such accomplishments, you can trust her to offer high-quality services.

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