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Suboxone Louisville – Restore Health KY provides medication-assisted treatment and an intensive outpatient program. Ketamine infusion therapy doctors and Ketamine therapy clinic. If searching for a Ketamine infusion therapy center near me, please give us a call today. Kentucky Ayahuasca Ceremonies or Kentucky Ayahuasca Retreats may be available through local Native American Churches. Ayahuasca has been helping people with drug addiction and alcoholism issues. 

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We are the number 1 Suboxone Clinic in Louisville helping thousands of patients just like you. We provide medication-assisted treatment an intensive outpatient program to help you uncover some of the root causes of your addiction as well as heal from trauma endured while in active addiction. Kentucky Ayahuasca Ceremony or Kentucky Ayahuasca Retreat may be available through Native American Church. Ayahuasca has been helping those with druga ddiction and alcoholism. 

Their MAT clinic saved my life! I would have been lost without their help.

What Our Practice Offers

We have patient advocates working around the clock 24-7-365. We have providers who specialize in addiction treatment. We are currently accepting new patients and we are Medicaid approved. Pain management doctors and Pain management centers. Kentucky Ayahausca ceremonies or Kentucky Ayahuasca retreats may be available through Native American Churches. Ayahuasca has been helping people with addiction and mental health illnesses. Ayahuasca and Psilocybin may be used in some Sacred Sacrament Ceremonies. Kambo is another detoxification process that many are turning to cleanse their bodies at the cellular  Cheap and High-Quality Designer Replica Bags at


Medicaid Accepted

Medicaid approved. We take all Medicaid insurance plans.

Same Day Appointments

Most days we can schedule you an appointment immediately as we understand patients are not feeling well.



Our intensive outpatient program is run by counselors who specialize in addiction treatment.

New Patients Welcome

We work by appointment only. Please no walk ins.


Our doctors are highly trained and have helped 1000’s of patients just like you.

Trusted by over 1000 Happy Patients

Honestly, I have no idea what I would have done if not for the staff at Suboxone Louisville. They answered my call at 1:23am. I was sick and needed to talk to someone, otherwise, I think I would have attempted suicide, that is how bad I was feeling. They assured me that they had my back and would get me an appointment right away. They did! Thank you so much!!!

Professional Care

Our team is compassionate. Many of us are in recovery ourselves. We understand the pain that opiate addiction causes our patients. We understand how horrible opioid withdrawal can cause a person. We do our absolute best to get them into to see our medical team as quickly as possible. We understand that those who are calling are in fact someone’s mom, father, sister or brother. In addiction to suboxone treatment, we also work in collaboration with Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington, KY and statewide. Kentucky Ayahuasca ceremonies for addiction. Kentucky Ayahuasca retreats for mental health


Call us today for an initial consultation to make sure that Suboxone Louisville and Restore Health KY, INC is the right suboxone or Ketamine therapy outpatient treatment program for you. Ketamine infusion therapy is now mainstream and showing great success! 

Jamie P

Grateful Patient – Clean 1 year!

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Our Network of Insurances

We accept private insurance plans as well as all Medicaid. In addition, we offer an affordable self-pay rate for those uninsured.

What People Says About Us.

This clinic saved my life. Without suboxone, I was unable to get out of bed. My life was literally a living/dying nightmare. Thank you so much!

– Samantha W

When I called, I was scared. I had no idea how to get clean, I just knew I didn't want to use anymore. Drugs were slowly killing and stealing all hope from my life. Thank you so much for all you do.

– Tyler S.

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