Pain can be too much to bear at a time. If you are going through a lot of pain, you may have painkillers to relieve yourself. What if those painkillers can no longer work because of chemical dependency? You may not just walk off the pain. That is the case for people who have used opioid pain relievers for a long time. It could be you or your loved ones.
Using opioids for the long term as a pain reliever is termed drug abuse. Experts say that long-term use of the substance may lead to brain damage.

Pain management can be challenging if you are already an addict. The good news is that Suboxone therapy can help you manage the pain and deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come after you quit a substance.
If you are looking for a suboxone clinic, you don’t have to look anymore. Restore Health KY we are all about providing comprehensive pain management treatment. We have the best Suboxone doctors led by our CEO, Dr Sarah Merritt, a specialist in pain blocks and suboxone treatment.

Dr Sarah Merritt has won self-several accolades and is currently co-chairing the legislative council for Med chi.
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Pain Management

Does Suboxone Relieve pain?

Yes, Suboxone helps in pain management. A good example is a patient who was using legal opioid drugs. If this patient needs to go through any surgery and is already an opioid addict, they will need Suboxone.
Suboxone is effective because it has partial elements of Opioid; it is also apparently more effective than the essential opioid treatment.
Note that Suboxone can only be prescribed and administered by a well-trained suboxone doctor. You can not buy it over the counter

Where can I get Suboxone Treatment?

If you are looking for a healthy option for your pain management, we are here to help. Our Suboxone doctors at Restore Health KY have a pain management clinic in Bowie.
Our services are also available if you are in Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville,and many other places.
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