While the opiate epidemic rages across the country and rural communities are being hit especially hard due to lack of treatment resources. Only 2% of providers in the United States are licensed to prescribe suboxone and many treatment programs aren’t accepting new patients. To best solve the opiate overdose deaths currently taking place, our suboxone doctor in Louisville takes new patients, accepts private medical insurance and state Medicaid.

Can Opiate Addiction be Diagnosed and Treated with Telehealth Services?

Many people find telemedicine services to be convenient and this relatively new option seems to be the future of addiction medicine. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville is working hard to launch telemedicine services because it will have a positive impact on those living in rural areas and unable to make it to a physical location for treatment. At our clinic, we have highly trained providers and we realize to save live we must be accessible 24/7 to those who need us most.

Can Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville Prescribe Medication-Assisted Treatment?

While we are focusing intently on offering telehealth services, we also provide medication-assisted treatment services directly at our clinic. Once we launch our telehealth program, our doctor can broaden their ability to reach more people with opiate addiction. Most programs offering drug treatment are located in major cities, but with our telehealth platform, our ability to help others is unlimited.

Contact Our MAT Clinic Right Now!

At our MAT clinic, nobody has to worry about the cost of treatment being an obstacle because we accept private insurance, Medicaid and for those who need to self-pay, we have affordable payment plans. With telehealth services coming very soon, we will be able to do our part in solving the opiate epidemic and saving lives. Contact our suboxone clinic today, don’t spend one more second allowing opiate addiction to ruin your life because you deserve better.