Medical providers in a primary care setting can play a vital role in treating people with substance abuse issues. By becoming licensed and trained to prescribe FDA-approved medications, our medication-assisted treatment program in Louisville, KY can treat people suffering from opioid use disorder. One phone call can change your entire life, so don’t delay in getting treatment because it’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

How Common is Drug Addiction in a Primary Care Setting?

Medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants in a primary care setting are used to seeing patients struggling with drug abuse and addiction issues. Providers who recognize patients struggling with drug addiction can often refer these individuals to specialized treatment facilities to receive MAT because it can be lifesaving. A person may be initially resistant to treatment it is natural to feel afraid or overwhelming, but with MAT someone doesn’t have to fear recovery any longer, because we will help out every step of the day.

Why is it so Difficult to Talk About Drug Addiction with a Doctor?

Bringing up the topic of drug addiction is a very sensitive subject for patients to discuss with a medical provider. Even someone who is desperately trying to change their drug habits and stop using may find it difficult to open up to their primary doctor about drug treatment. The importance of offering medication-assisted treatment in Louisville, KY cannot be dismissed because it can save countless lives of people living with drug addiction, but unable to afford to go into long-term rehab.

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suboxone clinics near meAs a provider of medication-assisted treatment in Louisville, KY, it’s up to our providers to raise the dialogue with our patients about drug addiction recovery. There is no reason to carry around shame and being afraid of facing your future because of drug addiction, because you always have the option to pick up the phone and call our program today. We accept state Medicaid, private medical insurance and have affordable payment plans because the only goal we have is saving lives.