I made the decision to stop using opiates because I wanted a better life and was tired of doing drugs. Day after day, I was slowly killing myself by injecting my body with poisons, all in an effort to get high and forget about how bad my life was. One morning, after a particularly difficult night injecting heroin, I decided to stop using and wondered how I could find a suboxone doctor in Louisville.

How Did I Come to the Decision to Seek a Suboxone Doctor in Louisville?

I couldn’t afford to go into a residential treatment program because I had a drug problem and didn’t have a job or medical insurance. My options were limited, but I was desperate to get clean and I would stop at nothing to make it happen. I came to the decision to seek out the services of an intensive outpatient program that was operated by a suboxone doctor. Because outpatient treatment is less expensive and I don’t have to reside in a treatment center, I can recover from heroin addiction, look for a job and take the steps I need to get my life back on track again.

How Long Will a Visit to a Suboxone Clinic Take?

I contacted a suboxone doctor in Louisville and was told my initial visit would take about an hour. The medical provider I met went over paperwork with me, did a drug test and asked me questions about my heroin abuse history. After determining I am was a qualified candidate for medication-assisted treatment, I was given my suboxone prescription and started my journey to recovery. Throughout the course of my treatment, my treatment team stood by my side, encourage me and showed me the steps I needed to take in order to leave heroin in my past.

Don’t Take Any More Chances with Your Life!

If you’re like me and deeply ashamed about your heroin addiction, trust me when I say it’s worthwhile to find a suboxone doctor in Louisville. I was scared, lost and so alone in my struggles with heroin that I almost gave up on ever having a healthy, normal life again. Today, thanks to the help of the suboxone clinic I went to, I am productive, happy, healthy and looking forward to the chance of having a wonderful future.