If you’ve made the brave decision to seek help for your opiate addiction, you may wonder whether to explore methadone or suboxone. Medication-assisted treatment using suboxone works better for some people because it doesn’t require daily clinic visits, it provides better treatment retention rates and it is safer to use than methadone. It is the main responsibility of our suboxone doctor in Louisville to determine if you are a viable candidate for treatment and to walk with you through your healing journey.

Is it Hard to Find a Suboxone Doctor in Louisville?

It may be surprising for you to find out how difficult it can be to find a suboxone program with openings in your community. Because we are aware of how hard it can be to locate a suboxone doctor accepting new patients, our clinicians are working to open a telemedicine platform on our website to accommodate our patients better. Because the federal government puts a limit on the number of patients a suboxone doctor can treat, we are expanding our practice to include nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants.

What Kind of Insurance Does Our Clinic Accept?

Another obstacle many people face when trying to locate a suboxone doctor is finding one that accepts your medical insurance. Our program knows it can be a genuine struggle for you to locate a program offering medication-assisted treatment that will take your insurance, so we have a solution. The providers and clinicians at our facility accept state Medicaid, private medical insurance and we also offer affordable options for those who need to self-pay for treatment.

Contact Our Suboxone Clinic Today!

If you are in desperate need of treatment for an addiction to opiates, the best thing you can ever do is get professional treatment at our clinic. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville is licensed, experienced and waiting for the chance to welcome you into the joys of recovery, all it takes is one phone call today. You don’t have to continue walking alone, feeling scared, being isolated and thinking you are beyond help, because with assistance from our medication-assisted treatment program, you will gain a new lease on a beautiful life.