The first thing you’ll realize when speaking to our suboxone doctor in Louisville is that we are going to do everything possible to help you become clean. To begin medication-assisted treatment (MAT), you must first find a treatment program accepting new patients and offers no waiting list. We would like you to take a chance on yourself right now, realize you’re not alone and you aren’t doomed to remain addicted to opiates, because we are here, and we can definitely help you.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements to Meet with Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville?

A person who wishes to go into our MAT program must have a state issued photo ID and be at least 18 years of age. After going through a drug screening, you must be found to be dependent on opiates and after consulting with out suboxone doctor in Louisville, a person must agree to adhere to the policies and guidelines of our program. If you meet these requirements, you could soon be on your way to recovering from opiate addition.

What Can You Expect from Intake at Our MAT Clinic?

At your intake appointment with our suboxone providers, there will be a review of your medical and drug history. After going through all of your medical and drug history, you will receive a physical assessment and drug test from our licensed medical professionals. Once you have been processed through our intake procedure, your dose of medication will be determined, and you can start the journey to recovery.  If you cannot come into our clinic in person, don’t worry because we are working diligently to launch a telemedicine platform.

Please Call Our Suboxone Clinic Today!

Our suboxone doctor in Louisville welcomes patients who are seeking MAT services and want to get help as quickly as possible. At our clinic, we accept private medical insurance, state Medicaid and have affordable payment plans for those who must self-pay for treatment. Please take a chance on your future, realize you’re worth saving and your life is valuable, pick up the phone right now and embrace the clean life you’ve been dreaming about.