Is there a suboxone doctor near me in Louisville, KY? Yes, there is, Restore Health KY has suboxone clinic in Louisville and can be reached at 888-480-7274.

Did you know? In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of suboxone for the treatment of opiate addiction, heroin addiction, alcoholism, and narcotic addiction in general. Over the years, suboxone has proven to be an effective treatment option for substance abuse disorders.

Louisville Suboxone Doctor Near Me

Suboxone is considered a safer alternative to many medications in the face of a serious opioid abuse epidemic. So, it’s not surprising that many addiction treatment experts call it a ‘blockbuster’. Suboxone contains two ingredients: buprenorphine and naloxone. The two ingredients work in different ways to help a patient recover from drug addiction. Buprenorphine binds to opiate receptors in the brain cells and partially activates them to suppress cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction. Naxolone reverses the effects of opioids, prevents a patient from overdosing, and minimizes the risk of relapse.

Suboxone doctor near me

Suboxone doctor near me

Suboxone is potentially addictive, so a patient must be tapered off the medication to allow for healthy recovery. Moreover, this medication must be used in combination with other treatment programs, as advised by a suboxone doctor near me. A person who is struggling with opioid addiction or heroin addiction develops behavior patterns that enable their addiction and discourage healthy habits. That’s why our treatment programs at Restore Health KY go beyond suboxone treatment to include cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and a range of holistic programs that focus on long-term recovery.

Anyone that is struggling with opiate addiction will benefit by getting treatment from a suboxone doctor near me. If you’re looking for a suboxone doctor near me, Restore Health KY has many rehabilitation specialists who are ready to give you the care you need.

The realization that you need help is the first step toward true recovery. It’s nearly impossible to overcome opiate addiction alone. That’s why it’s important to seek the help of a suboxone doctor near me. Our Lexington suboxone doctors at Restore Health KY will collect your vitals and conduct several tests to determine your health status.

Suboxone Doctor Near Me Louisville, KY

Working with the team at Restore Health KY, our suboxone doctors will design an individualized treatment plan based on your goals and needs. We understand that every recovery journey is unique. A treatment plan that works for you may not work for another patient. Our suboxone doctors will develop an effective treatment plan that will sustain you in treatment and help you beat your addiction problem for good.

We also offer intensive outpatient treatment programs whereby patients can visit our facility several days a week for treatment. Our IOP program gives you the flexibility to get addiction treatment while going about your normal activities at home or work. At Restore Health KY, we offer our clients opportunities to connect with other people in recovery through group therapy, online recovery community, and peer support groups.

Our rehabilitation specialists also focus on life skills development to enable our patients to overcome obstacles in recovery and ensure a healthy and fulfilled life beyond rehabilitation.

Call us today at 888-480-7274 and get started on your journey toward long-term sobriety.