As a proactive treatment program that’s doing everything it can to save lives, we are able to offer some patients same day help from our suboxone doctor in Louisville. Because time is of the essence and people’s lives are at stake, we do whatever we can to remove the obstacles some people face when trying to get medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Part of being a proactive and powerful force in the world of addiction treatment means we are working hard to expand our MAT program to include a telemedicine platform, keeping our prices affordable and making sure everyone can access our services whenever needed.

How Can You Find Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville?

Finding medication-assisted treatment with a suboxone clinic anywhere isn’t as easy as picking up the phone. Sometimes a doctor may not be accepting new patients, there could be a long waiting list and other doctors may not accept self-pay patients or people on Medicaid. Our program is very different because our suboxone doctor in Louisville is available for you 24/7, we accept new patients, we take most major medical insurances and Medicaid, in addition we offer affordable options for self-paying patients.

How Can You Find a MAT Clinic?

If you’re covered by private health insurance or state Medicaid, your primary doctor or your member services hotline should be able to refer you to a doctor who’s certified to prescribe suboxone. Some insurance companies are more helpful than others, but even though it could be challenging to find a provider to help you with MAT, you should never give up. You’d be surprised at how beneficial it would be for you to contact our suboxone doctor in Louisville because no matter what obstacles you could be facing when trying to access MAT, our team will work hard to get you into our program.