Doctors who are trained to treat opiate addiction also have the choice to utilize medication-assisted treatment using suboxone. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville uses the drug as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people suffering from opiate dependence. You’re bound to have many questions before seeking drug treatment and our medical professionals are available to give you the answers you seek.

How Long Has Suboxone Been Used for MAT?

In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration approved buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) for treating opioid use disorder in the United States. Suboxone has a multitude of advantages over methadone because it doesn’t require daily clinic visits and it has less of a chance of overdose. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville sees a longer treatment retention and using medication-assisted treatment doesn’t require our clinic to participate in a highly regulated federal program like methadone clinics do.

Why is Community Support Important for Medication-Assisted Treatment Clinics?

The state of Kentucky is regularly in the national news about the wave of opiate overdose deaths. On any day in America, nearly 100 people die due to an opiate overdose and the statistics are steadily increasing all the time. Opiate addiction always seems like an uphill battle, but with community awareness and support, intensive outpatient treatment programs can have a positive impact and save precious lives.

If You Have Questions, Contact Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville Today!

It’s normal to have questions about something like medication-assisted treatment, because it can be overwhelming to think about. To seek treatment for opiate dependence, you can find out about options available beyond methadone and inpatient treatment. If you want to regain your clean life, have a better future and get over opiate dependence, call our suboxone doctor in Louisville today for further assistance.