Back in 2002, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved buprenorphine with naloxone for treating opioid use disorder. The two medications combined create suboxone and it is used for treating opiate addiction in people who are unable to become clean through other methods. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville is available right now, 24/7, and all it takes to start the recovery process is one phone call.

What is the Purpose of Suboxone?

The purpose of suboxone is to allow people to seek opiate addiction recovery that doesn’t require inpatient treatment. Our suboxone doctor in Louisville will facilitate your medication-assisted treatment plan from day one and will supervise you as you progress through recovery. The ultimate purpose of suboxone is to make recovery a possibility for people who have tried and failed at becoming clean through other means.

How Does Our Suboxone Doctor in Louisville Ensure Patients Can Get Clean?

While there’s nothing in life that’s 100% certain, our suboxone doctor is going to do everything possible for you to have a chance to get clean.  Many programs offering medication-assisted treatment aren’t taking new patients, have a waiting list or only accept certain types of insurance, this means many people will not get the help so desperately needed. Our clinic and providers are taking new patients, accept medical insurance and state Medicaid, and we offer affordable payment plans for people who don’t have insurance.

Start a New Beginning Now!

You are probably wondering how you ever became addicted to opiates and how you can stop using these horrible drugs. The truth about opiate dependence is that it’s the most difficult of all addictions to beat and you’re not the only one currently dealing with this problem. You can pick up the phone right now, contact our suboxone doctor in Louisville for help, because we care and will help you build a new beginning.